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News - October 28, 2015

Party Vibe Radio’s 18th birthday 2015

So guys I’m totally exited about the possibility of our having an annual bash again this year particularly having missed out last year. Whether you’re interested in helping out or playing let us know. I will start chasing up all the usual suspects and maybe a few new faces and a surprise guest or two. And I’m going to check with our man DA see if he’s available to run the show… more soon. Bounce, bounce, bounce!

Some links as we start the build up:

Tune in: Party Vibe Radio
Twitter (psytrance):
Twitter (reggae and other styles): Party Vibe Radio (@partyviberadio) | Twitter

Date: 7th through 13th December 2015.
Line up: TBC
For more information the official thread is here:…io-s-18th.html