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I have 2 different electronic cigs. I have one that is a vaporizer and then i have the Blu ECig express kit. Having a vape vs an ecig has its advantages and disadvantages; for one thing they’re cheaper in the long run than regular cigs; they contain nicotine in some of the juices you buy to fill the cartomizer (the part that holds the liquid) and that opens up possibilities because you can load up on ejuice and be set for awhile and make your own flavors/nicotine strength; it also produces a lot more vapor (IMO) than the ecig. A lot of people like myself like a large amount of vapor when exhaling.
On the downside, ejuice still costs a bunch and it’s not a “just buy one tube and go”, you have to have a good supply if you’re a heavy user like I am. Also it’s not as portable and not really something you would want to pull out at a restaurant.

But my Blu ecig is much easier when on the go; looks exactly like a real cig and thus gives your mind the feeling that you are smoking an actual cig. On the downside of this is that for heavy users, you will go through tons of cartridges and the battery dies more frequently. Also the juice cartridges are waaaay more expensive than the vape juice tubes.

It’s really a matter of choice but I definitely get a better buzz going using my ecig rather than my vape pen. Either way there’s still plenty of nicotine to keep me going. I’m certain you will like it. When I started using ecigs, I never looked back at another pack of cigs.

Do you still smoke e-cigarettes now?