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    [quote quote=1264615]Thank you, Iā€™m very well šŸ™‚


    [quote quote=1264629]

    Did I mention this upgrade includes native emoticon support?

    Not that I know of šŸ˜‚

    Thought I had gone to the wrong place šŸ™„[/quote]

    [quote quote=1264625]Did I mention this upgrade includes native emoticon support?[/quote]

    Stop dreaming RON, Pls make your Job and give me a few answers first please :

    1. Why have I no party vibe Messaging functions ???
    2. Why is there still that fucking Paypal only (they are thieves and they kicked me out of Paypal), so How can I pay the membership ?
    I have a credit card or I can make you a money transfer from my bank where you wish… even Bahamas
    RO-ON, STOP DREAMING, THE ANGEL WILL COME BACK, BUT answer my question first, how can I make money-money member
    3.Where has my thread WHO WANT TO LEARN HOW TO COOK METH gone ???

    I make a pray that you don’t fall asleep again