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Re: 31/12/05 Synergy Community New Year’s Celebration (Update!)

Forums Rave Parties 31/12/05 Synergy Community New Year’s Celebration (Update!) Re: 31/12/05 Synergy Community New Year’s Celebration (Update!)

Finally we are able to release the details of the weave that is going to make up for a rather special night – and day…

tickets online now on our website

As most of you know we will be starting as early as 7pm with a vegetarian treat served by the Synergy Sattva Café. This is accompanied by a colourful open mic session hosted by the regulars that are responsible for the brilliance of the Synergy Centre Tuesday night poetry jams.
This is also your chance to step up and say your farewells to the passing year.

Next on the menu is Pete Ardron’s Orchid Star, a funky, trancy, chilled and dancy, deep and dubby, wall of colour – an emotionally charged world-fusion journey.

Then the musical keys will be handed over briefly to Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana, who will host a unique ceremony to usher in the New Year, guided by a number of Synergy’s in-house shamans and mystical mistresses.

The beautiful vibe, up till now hosted by our friends from the Small World Stage, will continue with
Tatarantism – live celtic dub ska outfit, guaranteed to get us into the madness of dance.

By now we are already some time into the new year when our friends from Liquid Connective will take over, serving a dish of hypnotic, intelligent and funky deep psychedelic grooves followed by a rare breakfast session of live psychedelic breakbeats from some very special guest Live acts !! all geometrically balanced with the awesome decor giants Fluffy

02.00 – 03.30 – Liquid Ross (Liquid Records)
starting the electronic wave will be Ross, master of full-on psytrance, but with a deep and funky touch…

03.30 – 05.00 – Liquid Elf (Liquid Connective)
Also a core member of the legendary connective he is unlikey to not keep the vibe up high and pouncing…

05.00 – 06.30 – Kana Banana (Japan)
Japanese DJ with world wide recognition playing a sublime and gripping psy trance style. Her sets have made audiences go wild world wide

06.30 – 08.00 – Hopi (Ajuca/Dragonfly)
Possibley one of the words finest psy trance DJs who needs no further introduction

08.00 – 09.30 – Liquid Djems (Liquid Records)
Over the year Djems has developed a distinguished ear for unusual and striking tunes which he undoubtedly is going to present to us on this occasion

09.30 – 10.30 – Rex LIVE (Sinister Records)
One of the UK’s up and coming psy break beat artists with a promising future

10.30 – 11.30 – Organismic LIVE (Liquid Records)
This ongoing collaboration has cooked up an eclectic range of psychedelic delicacies seasoned with contributions and collaborations over the years – exptect some mighty fine tunes

11.30 – 12.30 – SlackBaba LIVE (Liquid Records)
A melting pot of fluid grooves and swirling psychedelic melodies, blended with a healthy dose of dubby phatness and a touch of the ethnic, his music draws the listener through a labyrinth of pulsing rhythms and mind-altering sonic states

Visuals in the mainroom will be hosted by Inside us All, with guest Liquid Djems, Dave Whiteoak and others…

Meanwhile in the Gallery Chill upstairs:

A synergetic collaboration of IDSpiral, Sangita Sounds and Art Nation. Combining the best of those involved the large upstairs gallery space of the centre will be transformed into a deep chill deluxe with visual treats from all directions.


Bindoo Babas – The Vedic inspired reggae, gypsy fusion songs from these guys are a great way to start the new year. Eternal truths encapsulated in their unique gems of songs, ready to illuminate our hearts and minds. This will be their final performance for a long while, as the Babas head off to India in January!

Nima – This gentle soul will share intimate sonic salutations for the dawn of the new year. Using only his voice, guitar and an “ambient funkbox”, he weaves loops and melodies into a psychedelicate web of lovliness. Prepare to be enchanted.

Jaysonic – A talented tabla player from Brighton, Jaysonic has played with some of the leading lights in the Indian Classical music scene, and is always ready to bring his magically funky style of playing to our groovy happenings. He will play with a special guest musician.

Mudra – gentle, intuitive, real. Touching you deep in the heart and moving you with the mildest beat…

DJ Noodreem – As a global ambient trance and psychedelic dub selector for over a decade, his spiritually infused journeys aim to uplift and inspire through the magic power of sound. On the night, Noodreem will also be premiering his new musical creations.

DJ Chameleon – His eclectic variety of selections have been shared at some of the best parties for years. The electro-dub and chilled out grooves in his collection are sure to bring a sparkle of smiles out.

Tom Fu and Luna Lis – Liquid Connective’s masters of chill, traveled the world to bring you an eclectic shoulder to shoulder set of drifting and dreamy soundscapes.

Christian Davies – eclectic grooves beautifully spun together, finishing off the event in style

Deco Art in the chill will be created by IDSpiral, Art Nation with backdrops by Simon Rogers

Visuals by Ralph Inside us All, Billy Tantric, Hyperthesis and others…

And the kids space:

19:00~20:00 Meet and greet – Badging up – Taking names – Face painting – Games – Gentle music
20:00~20:30 Group Fruit Game – getting the kids active
20:30~21:15 Simba Monkey Dancing
21:15~21:30 Goodnight snack – fruit, crackers and cheese
21:30~22:00 Magician – capturing the attention
22:00~23:00 Story telling – for all ages
23:00~0:00 Wind down – Parent rota begins and continues
until 10:00 am in the morning

Important Notice

The kids space is an occupying service and not a childminding service – we do not take ultimate responsibility for your kids – kids are not allowed to run around the rest of the party unless accompanied by an adult – as well as evening activities we will also organise a parent rota so that kids are watched throughout the night which you will be asked to participate in – Please bring sleeping equipment and breakfast bits – kids space closes at 10 am in the morning – please remain responsible and contactable at all times.
Parents who bring children must wear badges (which we will provide) making it easer to identify you if need be. You will also have to sign a legal disclaimer to certify that you have understood above notice.

The address for the Synergy Centre is

220 Farmer’s Road
Camberwell nearest tube Oval


Entrance on the door is £20 – advance tickets are £17 and £15 concession from
Access All Areas
Psychedelic Dream Temple &
Namaste Holistic Healing

Online tickets are also available from us via our online shop @

hope to see you all there


The Synergy Crew