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one leaf or one bud =millions of plants in half of one year?

clone seedling

“The technique of efficient & rapid non-tube plant clone”(TERNPC) was first invented by the professor Li Changxiao, who is praised as “the great master of green-coping” by the media at home and abroad. It is a proprietary technique, and has been used successfully in the rapid propagation of more than 350 kinds of economic plants, showing popular significance to the vegetative propagation of most economic plants.

We can affirm the stability and reliability of this technology through the spread practice within 16 years and more than 30 affiliated companies and cooperative bases in practice. More than 150,000,000 plants have been propagated by TERNPC. The scale in industrialization is larger and larger now. There is the project of more than ten or hundred million plants in the rapid propagation of single variety.

1.Use one leaf or one bud as the unit material of propagation, inoculate it directly on the sand bed of the field or in the nutrition bag, it will grow into a nursery-grown plant, ready for production without any movement. High is the survival rate.

2.As for most plants, an entire regenerated plant with developed roots will be got within 4-11 days. The survival rate is high. Usually one has 3-6 roots, and even 30-40 roots. After the second generation, the regenerated rate will be 80-95% or more. The root-striking needs a short time and the speed of propagation is fast. After sprouting the plant will grow to be an entire one. And after 15-50 days’ training, it can be moved out of the garden for transplanting. Rapid propagation is factually realized.

3.After the second generation, most kinds of plant will produce the next generation within 20-60 days. The coefficient of propagation of each generation is as much as 2-15 times. (This has the same merit as that of tube tissue culture), and so on.

I declare that kind of technique is so miraculous, when I found them on internet. We can research them together!

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