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There’s an excellent book about America’s role in post-nine-eleven-times, written by Miel Dekeyser. It’s in Dutch, the title is “De globale sheriff – de nieuwe rol van Amerika thuis en in de wereld”. ISBN 90-443-0708-8 It makes clear that the attack on Iraq was illegitimate (there is NO link between Iraq and either Al-Qaeda or Taliban), and explains the intricate relationships between America and Saudi-Arabia and the frail bond with Pakistan.

If a translation is available, be sure to check it out. Some interesting hypotheses are made, and critical questions asked. Also includes bibliography for those who really want to dig into this matter.

One interesting hypothesis is, that the attack on the Twin Towers was really directed at Saudi-Arabia… Maybe far-fetched, but Osama bin Laden is a hardcore fundamentalist who abhors the American presence, AND the apparent lack of [fundamentalist] morals in his country. Maybe he knew that sooner or later Uncle Sam would link the attack to Iraq (after all, the first Gulf War wasn’t really over with Saddam Hussain still in his seat, and the American presence was still there) – be it legitimate or not. If the U.S. of A would then wage war against Iraq – and win, then there would no longer be a reason to stay in Saudi Arabia, as the most dangerous aggressor in the region would have been overthrown and stability could return. That would be THE time to establish a fundamentalist regime in Saudi-Arabia, as by lack of threat the Americans are no longer needed…

This may be far fetched, but knowing that the Saudi royal family (and bin Ladens) and the United States are that closely linked, and Osama’s disapproval thereof, it remains a possibility.