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Re: anyone in the vienna area on sept 11th?

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had a look on the sites; in most cases they show a partyline number of some sort but in the local format

if you are not in the country where the party is you have to dial

access code 00 for international, the country code for where you are dialling and in most cases the partyline number without any “trunk access digit” which is usually the start of the area code if you were dialling within the country

I’ll use my country as an example

lets say a partyline is

077 5555 5555 (this isn’t a real partyline BTW!)

The “trunk access digit” in Britain is 0 and the country code is 44

and you are in France and coming over to Britain for this party

from France you would dial

00 44 77 5555 5555

to listen to the UK partyline number.

Of course you the message may be in the local language where the party is so you will need to understand this language or be with someone who does..

A tip to flyer producers – if you wish people to attend your party from outside your home country, please show party line numbers in both local and international format!

For instance
Info: 077 5555 5555 / 00 44 77 5555 5555

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