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that’s a really positive article

That’s when youth charity Envision turned up. The organization works with hundreds of teenagers, predominantly in London, and helps them take leading roles in shaping their communities. Unlike most volunteering organizations, it doesn’t tell them what to do. Instead, it supports them in all their ideas – good and bad – and teaches them how to negotiate the roadblocks of officialdom which stand in the way

The IVY Project does the same thing in a similar way here in Exeter…

successful projects have seen the creation of a state of the art skate park (after skating was outlawed here! 👿 ), a graffiti workshop and exhibition in one of the cities foremost art centers, an interactive CD-ROM now used by psychology lecturers when teaching on sexual abuse, carnival floats, open access music production workshops and loads more…


all this achieved by young people that have been told “you can’t do that”


the people have the power 😉

when will ‘the powers’ recognize that we do not need to be lead?

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