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Re: BRIGHTON nov 21st Hiphop, Drum n Bass

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Oh my days, that was truly sick. the natives tore up the dance floor, while the hip hop crew provided the funky respite in the mellow room. the primalvisionaries were true to for trippin people out, sendin em trance like, perfect for…

DJ FREAKY FLOW was amazing- perfect scratches, tight mixes, classics mixed wit the new, plus a surprise d n b mix with every little thing by sting- trust it blew the roof off…

The peak of the evening saw the best british hiphop mc alive right now, the north london dogheart dapper dan, finsbury parks finest, skinnyman. the intimate venue was perfect for his blend of crowd stompers and social poetry. the people who came to see him were in hiphop heaven, and the folks who didnt know got told.

seriously the best clubnight ive been to for years- and i helped make it happen….. magic