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Re: can’t even trust the “liberal” media!

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the killer about the national press is that weather they pitch themselves as left or right, they all have to make money, and so rely on selling ad space to people, and staying on side of the consensus, both public and military.
The flagship of this corporate propaganda is of course Rupert Murdock, owner of the Sun, the Times (or sun lite), most of ITV, SKY, Fox and 49 national newspapers world wide. the man who put george bush in the white house.
Both the Gaurdian and the independent seem to be the only papers left with any kind of journalistic intergrity, but even this is being wittld down by constant pressure to keep sales up in competition with an increasingly tabliod market dominated by shock, pictue driven events, here today , gone tommorw , and devoid of any real context. the events become increasingly meaningless as the way yesterday affected it is more and more screened out. also the broadsheets are increasingly covering tabliod scandal, under the pretense that its the story of the story, in a kind of tongue in cheek kinda way. bollocks. the pics of the ladies knickers gettin out the car are still on the front page, not any actual (gasp) news.
aaaaanyway, what a rant. bttom line is that all media is bias, but some bias is missing from the mainstream diet. bias that is present on the net. and both have stories which are ignored or sidelined by current mainmedia, and have an altruistic, PLUR – based approach. also John Pilger, who altho he has written for the mirror, and appeared on itv, is probably the best single invesigative journalist working for us all on this great planet today. look him up.
we need good journalists, but in order to rep[ort, you must report 1st, experience 2nd, and no one can be fucked, we need us all to care and get involved with reporting and documenting the faults in our society. i’m a hippocrite, i am no journalist. ive written 2 articles and hundreds of letters tho, to mp’s and councl’s and papers. that might make me a twenty two yr old busy body, or i might just mean i care..