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Re: China & MSN

this i think is the crux of the problem with capitalism. althought throughout history counrties have warred and tortured their own, it was because they were bastards, and that was straight forward. throughout “civilisation”, there has been philosophical debate about ethics and morality, which has culminated in western society. it may be flawed, but it is better than “the strongest wins” which is the oldschool rules.

china may be flawed, but it is a human error, not a calculation by a machine. chinese thought can be changed, capital answers to nobody.

capitalism is a way of governing and making desicions which totally devalues and sidesteps morality. as you say, there is no imperitive for the buisness man other than the profit motive. all a company exists to do is generate wealth, and so countries too, exist for this same purpose, and to aid capitalisms spread without thought of the consequences, like a lichen, merely expanding because that is all there is to do.

it has trampled on centuries of debate and knowledge and experience, and it has divorced us from nature completely. we are being governed by a force beyond our control, we are addicted to profit, at any cost.

i dont know about anyone else, but i think thats fucking wrong.