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all of this is playing right into the hands of the antis

I have read another report from the European Centre for Drug and Addiction Monitoring (or something like that) which was also released end of last year

there is a very worrying correlation in both these reports

The figures mostly come from rehab centres or notfications from law enforcement and public health services so in most cases they would only be the levels of more problematic use – in a lot of cases people are “cautioned” but cops just confiscate the substance and don’t do the full paperwork so the level of actual use is proberly under-reported if anything)

the findings of both reports tend to show the highest levels of problematic drug use exist in the countries of the EU which have the most active rave/squat/alternative lifestyle scenes.

in the euro report UK, CZ, FR, ES, IT were flagged as “problem countries” and new entrants PL, EE, LI, LT, SK were warned about their levels of drug use… Now where do most of the teknivals / squats happen?

Its easy to claim “government spin / conspiracy theory” but even amongst my friends way too many people have got into addictive class A use – its as much a complete failure of self-regulation on our part as problems associated with prohibition.