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Deceased woman used ecstasy
November 15 2001

HAARLEM — An autopsy has revealed that a 28-year-old Zeist policewoman died after using ecstasy at the Fundustry nightclub on the Hemkade in Zaandam last Sunday.

The Haarlem judiciary said on Thursday the deceased woman’s blood contained MDMA, an important ingredient of the party drug.

It said the exact cause of death would be established within three weeks, after the amount of MDMA found in the woman’s body was determined and conclusions made whether that caused her death.

The woman died last Sunday after attending the Zaandam nightclub, which was ordered closed by on Wednesday by city Mayor R Vreeman.

A 28-year-old colleague of the policewoman had also been taken to hospital in a coma-like state on Sunday. She made a full recovery.

Meanwhile, police said they had suspended a 28 and 33-year-old woman in connection with an internal investigation of police using ecstasy at the Fundustry night club.

Police would not reveals if she was the 28-year-old police officer who had been taken to hospital on Sunday.