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unfortunately Hampshire cops are some of the harshest in the SE about free parties. Whenever they bust a party in this county they always seem to send in the “heavy mob” of riot cops from Portsmouth to clear the area!

This may be because of the high heroin use in the area; sadly a lot of old skool ravers in the SE became (and remain addicted to) heroin so there’s an inevitable backlash against the “growing drugs culture”. When I first started raving in 1991 Hampshire Constabulary were known as the “ravekillers” – they were the first to confiscate equipment, the first to bring full prosecutions in Court against organisers and are very strict even with legal events

if you have access to transport there are free parties and low-cost legal events in neighbouring counties, Oxford, Reading and Bristol are good places to check for events with entry prices around £4-£7 (certainly less than a tenner!)

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