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find places like “anarchist info centres”, “hippy shops” and get to know people there or at “outlaw” (unlicensed) raves and maybe you’ll find a connection…

but try and introduce yourself, take part in what they’re doing or something first – if you just go around asking random people where to get stuff they might think you’re an undercover cop!

the same goes for message boards as well – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and take it that you are a kid from Chicago and not a narc; and even if you are I won’t have told you any more than is already available in the public domain.

why not tell us a bit more about yourself, the parties you go to etc? There’s a limit to how much I could help you anyway on your original question as I’m in England; but there are people from the USA on here as well. perhaps if you share some news, views and stories you may even find someone from your area who can help you more?