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a public enquiry / compensation debate is secondary to the immediate action of frontline services to prevent what is now a very serious public health emergency.

As harsh as this may seem IMO its a good thing that the compensation hearings are delayed for a bit, as Wales is now devolved invariably the money will come out of the Assembly or local authority’s budget (England isn’t going to pay for it) and compensation will probbally result in some other kid dying because budgets have been cut elsewhere.

I am not however an expert on Welsh healthcare operations I waited a few weeks so I could research what was going on

but looking at the NHS/GIG press updates and other sources its seems that the moment this happened lots of frontline authorities particularly in hospitals were taking action to deal with the situation, without at the same time spreading utter panic through a country or closing down every school in the area (which would cause a further problem of lots of kids with no-where to send them )

they are using the protocol set up to deal with potential terrorist contamination of food supplies post 9/11 and 7/7 – its now got to the stage where the heddlu are turning over butchers with environmental health to gain evidence, which IMO is appropriate action – the saddest part of the whole affair (apart from tragedy of a young life lost) is that this has happend in a country where everywhere you go there are fine sheep and fat cattle in the fields, or crops growing.

And yet the children, the new generation, are being served contaminated food. That is surely a crime and a national scandal as bad as any “foreign “terrorism.