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Re: Italy blocks TV show on politicians’ drug use

Forums Life Film & Television Italy blocks TV show on politicians’ drug use Re: Italy blocks TV show on politicians’ drug use

TBH although I don’t normally approve of censorship the producers have broken EU privacy rules.. and a similar situation would occur in most EU nations

Politicians are still human beings (just about); this would be no different from someone setting up a an “x-factor” type show pretending to offer work to people in the club/dance music scene and getting the drugs test results this way… we also don’t know how impartial the selection was – they could have skewed it to take in more progressives/greens and less conservatives

Journos are also normal citizens and do not and should not have law enforcement powers. If someone doesn’t agree with someone elses drug use they only have two options; either to call the cops if they really feel that they are being harmed by it (and it is then the decision of the criiminal justice system to decide this) or to put up and shut up and accept that people will do drugs even if they don’t.

They don’t have the moral right to run their own private smear campaigns against people, whether they are normal people or powerful ones…

TBH I really don’t think an anti-drugs politician is going to call for more hardline laws and take drugs themselves. The paranoia would get to them eventually. You do get the “reformed whores” who become prudes

And surely if people are doing drugs in a govt building or amongst people who disagree someone will eventually notify the authorities, particularly their political opponents….

TBH especially given the company behind it and the current state of Italian politics I don’t think this show was done in good faith to expose hipocrisy- its done with an agenda, to expose more tolerant/progressive politicians who belive in freedom of choice and may occasionally use drugs….