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Re: Legalize Amsterdam june 5th 2004 + After party

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oops, do not know witch button I hit but the story isn’t finished yet 😉

there was another sound system comming with us and the played reggea and live ragga and hiphop, very cool to have some different music on a goa party
everything went well and the party really going well
we estamate there where arround 800 people in the tunnels (there where 3 tunnels after each other)

then at 00.30 the police showed up, ordering us to stop
they gave us 30 minutes to stop and went away
we continued 😉
but one hour later they returned and this time they stayed until we went away 🙁

this time plan B went into action (we always have an alternative ;))
and the truck moved to a other location in the harbor of amsterd
there it continued until ?
I really do not know because for me the energy was up after so many hours of helping here and there, doing the bar and cleanig up after the tunnel was stopped

I had a great day and the experience of going through the ijtunnel was great

if you are interested in the rest of the pics

Greetings, Blaze/Erik