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Re: Mr Blair pull out of iraq & stop this

Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events Mr Blair pull out of iraq & stop this Re: Mr Blair pull out of iraq & stop this

nice bit of photoshop. while i would say getting out of iraq is a good idea, albeit fucking later than late, if we withdraw now then it will be seen as a sign of weakness, and that we bow down to terrorist threats, which makes us more of a target. which is bound to happen now, and is a shame.

it is not just tonys fault, we all didnt pull our finger out enough to denounce our evil dictator, i mean prime minister. although it would help if we lived in a working democracy. the ammount of academics who came out of the woodwork trying to get blair fired for starting an illegal war, and were ignored, was horrific. it looks like labour have damaged this country more than anyone could have expected in their worst nightmares. the british public did vote them back in, tho.