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steveo wrote:
if anyone can help, we are wondering what the new laws are exactly that stopped this rave getting busted.

TBH I do not think there are any new laws relating to raves! the laws remain the same, CJA 1994 as amended by Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003

There is however the Freedom of Information legislation which means that the rationale behind a particular decision made by public authorities (which means all blue light services and public sector authorities) is open to public scrutiny.

Even so, if the locals complain enough or get the environmental health involved the cops could have shut down those raves.

Whenever someone calls the Police for any matter they are given the opportunity either to make an official complaint, or to have the matter treated by “informal advice”. When someone makes an official complaint, their personal details are recorded as its now a formal legal matter.

Should the matter go to Court, their personal details may be made available to the Defence under a rule called disclosure, or reported in the Press as a court case is public knowledge.

What may have been happening recently is that cops have been deciding themselves that a rave is unacceptable to the locals and turning it over, but are now wary of potential challenge due to FOI and the fact that “ravers known their rights”

After all the law says “serious distress to the local area”, not “you have made an apalling din and the Sarge doesn’t appreciate your taste in music”

I wonder if cops also are stirring the pot? As this hasn’t happened before they could also be telling locals “if you make a formal complaint the ravers will put in an FOI claim and they can get your name and address even the case doesn’t go to court”

AFAIK this is incorrect, otherwise FOI could be used for witness intimidation, the cops (in common with other public services) have safeguards for personal data and they should know that.

A more worrying thought is that cops are deliberately doing this near an election to try and encourage a political climate which gives them more justification to shut down events, or to get more sympathy for doing so…

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