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I doubt if it would be allowed – the Met would be paranoid over the BNP and others stirring up trouble (whilst we hate the opression there are sadly those who support the war and even the troops “giving the ragheads a rough time”)

and trying to do this in an unlicensed fashion in the centre of London would merely result in Scotland Yard nicking loads of people and a few of them getting similar treatment 2 the unfortunate Iraqis in the custody suite..

Some young Muslim lads attend parties anyway. I noticed a few at a London party I recently went to; and there have even been jungle labels like 786 records and Kemet which are obviously run by Muslims.

if you start working with the media and establishment you play a dangerous game. A better way is to keep our party network but make it more inclusive by actively discouraging racism and racist attitudes (which is happening; I saw a very positive article in Rupture where they showed how an attempt by a racist to cause trouble at a London party had been sucessfully thwarted without undue violence).

Another issue is that young Muslims may not want to attend an event where there is a lot of drugs and hedonism as it goes against their beliefs.

A work colleague of mine, who is a devout Muslim, used to be a raver and still likes the music, but does not party much because he wants to devote his time to his family, his studies and his religion.

I respect his choice and admire him for having the courage to make that decision!

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