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globalloon wrote:
burnt out cars, hypodermic needlesand fly-tipping

doesn’t ring true for me

IME although the environmental contamination certainly does happen in these sorts of areas, this is done by other sections of the community (often locals!) and not rave crews.

In 15 years of outdoor raving I’ve only seen a few bottles/cans and other “various rubbishes” (as the Chinese news agency would say) chucked out of cars, and much of this is cleared up by the crews at the end of the event.

I regularly check info from the Environment Agency and other such organisations about threats to the countryside, although officials are certainly aware of raves they do not as yet consider them to be major sources of environmental damage (and have noted that those who hold them often attempt to clear up as much as possible afterwards).

If/when the authorities actually check where the burnt out cars come from in many cases it turns out that local gary boys often setting fire to their own vehicles that are knackered, after stripping the bits they wish to transfer to their new vehicle. If some of these lads also attend raves thats a coincidence rather than part of the scene.

needles?! i would expect IV drug users would look for secluded places to shoot up, but they would be doing that any time of the week and very rarely (if ever) at a rave. (I’ve only known it to happen a couple of times at indoor events), If needles are ever found on country paths its more often locals on mountain bikes (or even racing cyclists, who take more drugs than many ravers even on the amateur circuit!)

considering that most rave vans are loaded to the gunwales with rig kit and cars filled with as many passengers as they will hold, I don’t think there’s the slightest chance that ravers would be bringing extra trash to fly-tip, particularly when many travel 50+ miles to attend these events!

that said I do believe there are people who use a rave as a cover for fly-tipping – perhaps themselves angry locals who would also have a desire to see crews blamed for this activity. Far more environmental damage is caused by local businesses (including rural businesses) cutting corners with their processes to save costs rathen than raves.