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Re: Police thwart illegal rave

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Dr Bunsen wrote:
“Due to the sensitive nature of the area and the close proximity to Croxton, police officers attended and following negotiations with the partygoers and organisers the music was turned off and the crowd departed the area.”

“There was no confrontation between the partygoers and the police. The officer in charge of the operation would like to compliment the mature attitude of those present,” he said.

well at least there wasn’t a riot, but I don’t understand why people used that corner of the forest?

Obviously you can’t use the MOD land but from the events I have been to there are clearly some areas where you can put a decent stack in that can’t actually be heard from the surrounding roads or the villages…

that way no one notices until maybe the dog walkers or old biddies turn up in the morning and you get until mid Sunday morning or early Sunday afternoon to party…plenty enough time to clear up etc.

OTOH Forestry Commision aren’t bullshitting when they say there are SSSIs and nature reserves in the area; people should make the effort to avoid these areas and minimise contamination…

TBH I think there should be an agreement between some of the more sensible crews and Forestry to have designated areas where you can get a TENS for events; a bit like the gigs that happen there but on a smaller scale and lower cost to put on..

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