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Re: “Prevent the Unjust Banning of Psilocybe Fungi”

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nice one.

i was looking thru the signitories, and some bloke called george allen put this as a comment:

“Banning Psilocybe Fungi will completely prevent valuable research such as their usage in aiding cancer patients or those with OCD (current MAPS sponsored studies in Arizona are showing very promising results). Although it is perhaps against the Christian ethic to alter ones consciousness, our government must realise that our multicultural country also has the responsibility to represent other cultures which use these mushrooms as a religious sacrament and whom reside in our communities. The Drug War is futile and is an infringement of our human rights (critical historical research reveals the racist agenda that provided its framework in the US during the early 1900s against Mexican immigrant marijuana smokers, Black cotton field workers cocaine users and Chinese opium smokers). This is a war on our citizens, started by ill-thought and frankly our policing services have much greater problems that dearly need attention. How can the state demand respect from its citizens when it rules with ignorance?”

go george!