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Re: ‘Rave’ to disrupt city traffic

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interesting how the media cannot tell the difference between a political protest and a rave?

mind you these RTS protests usually has a carnival atmosphere – provided the polis don’t go in too heavy with TSG units (riot police), and irate drivers don’t try any “direct action” of their own such as trying to run people over (although this kind of reaction is more common in the USA than the UK)

There is also a good reason there for those who drive to boycott the AA, given that they do not recognise every British citizens right to protest peacefully, nor that although cars are useful, they carry with them many hidden costs not all of which are picked up by their owners or drivers! (apart from the dodgy trick they the AA have of selling batteries on commission to drives with limited mechanical knowledge)

there is plenty enough space for everyone on the street, provided we all exercise a bit of “give and take”. and are prepared to share the scarcer resources like road space etc whatever our modes of transport…

Here’s a motoring organisation with a bit more social responsibility..

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