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Re: same old conflicts still going on?

Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events same old conflicts still going on? Re: same old conflicts still going on?

The world is stuck in patterns of hatred and fear and has been for many cycles. :hopeless:

The control freaks who want us to live in fear (so that we do what they tell us) always react strongly when there is any sign of us breaking away from their control and thinking for ourselves. They could not survive if every individual thought things out for themselves:crazy:.

Lets just hope both of these ones have misjudged the mood of our time and get it in the neck where they so royally deserve to for overstepping the bounds of what is currently acceptable.:you_crazy

And lets be honest: if this were to have happened in Iraq or Palestine the news might have sunk without a trace and none of us would have known about it. Why do they deserve to live in safety less than we do? It is hypocrisy to get so worked up about it because it happened to us and to allow ourselves to ignore the fact that many others in the world live in these conditions day in day out. :you_crazy

Lets continue to exercise our democratic rights to say we don’t agree regardless of whether our goverment listens and it is convenient to us to do so – inaction is a weapon of mass destruction too.