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Re: skunk farmer shoots 4 cops dead!

Forums Drugs skunk farmer shoots 4 cops dead! Re: skunk farmer shoots 4 cops dead!

true – if they had really tolerated cannabis rather than the half-measures of “decriminalisation” those people (cops and farmer alike) would still be alive today.

I wonder if the USA have been leaning on Canada, claiming the drugs are crossing the border, and thats why this particular farmer was targeted – was this a joint RCMP/FBI/DEA cross-border job, with the threat of the farmer being tried in the USA rather then Canada?

Although I don’t think Canada extradites criminals if they face the death penalty; in this case it would be a long stretch in federal prison under US laws, then a return to Canada to serve the rest of the time (probably worse than death!)

I can’t otherwise understand why the farmer would take such extreme action – after all its not as if Canada has started up this cannabis production yesterday…

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