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Re: US Congressman suggests to nuke Mecca

Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events US Congressman suggests to nuke Mecca Re: US Congressman suggests to nuke Mecca

ISTR right at the start of the war in 2003 Dubya openly said “the use of nuclear weapons was a possible option”.

I would expect however he has boffins from NASA and similar places to take him aside and have a quiet chat with him about simple matters like fallout clouds etc…..and the fact that it would render the worlds oil resources unuseable

Yanks don’t know that much about Chernobyl because it was in “Yurp” and half of them don’t know anything outside the USA.

I would hope this congressman is just ignorant though. If this is not the case, then we are truly in a world war with two sets of enemies as mad as each other, and its actually time to start thinking about stuff like shelters, self-sufficiency and survivalism.