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My husband who is a sworn police man woke me up at 3am after being out all day with friends. (he was to come home earlier, but hey the beer was cheap and “how often does he get to go out?”)
Now mind you he sees his fair share of wrecks and DUI “Idiots” but to him he was ok and a little tired to drive home last night (ok this morning) Should have stayed where he was and slept it off but thought I would be mad he was “out all night too”. I get a call “come get me please…my car is in a ditch”.
we have kids…am I to wake them and go get daddy? Oh this is rich!
“I should have just stayed and went to sleep”…Gee yah think? now the car is wrecked…but he didn’t get a ticket…nope, he’s a cop. They put his car (that is driveable) on a tow truck and away we went…long ride home! I don’t think in his condition the other cop wanted him to drive….again, GEE YAH THINK?????…could have hit a BIG tree but got off with scratches and bushes, broken license plate from the front, broken lock and door all down the passenger side. “I was just tired….” Ok, well good luck with that!
Could have killed someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO????????
at least he is the one…he makes the money, well now he gets to spend it on a very “expensive” cheap day…
I will be talking to him on an as needed basis…we live in the same house…this will be good…lol.
ADVICE & MORAL: put the “just one more” drink DOWN and go get some F*^&#%$ SLEEP YOU MORON…..that is all.