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Re: Watchdog Slams Kazakhstan Over Borat Ban

Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events Watchdog Slams Kazakhstan Over Borat Ban Re: Watchdog Slams Kazakhstan Over Borat Ban

I watched the video whilst it was available; and although funny it was very near the knuckle and perhaps a bit much for the current world climate – I expect it would offend a lot more people than just the Kazakhs

the video has been made in the style of the Al-Jazeera videos they show from militant Islamic organisations

Borat is in front of the Kazakhstan national flag, around it are various weapons including swords and antique firearms. He is holding up a microphone in the same style as Osama Bin Laden. (see attached!)

I’m sure if a comedian made a similar video with the Union Flag, dressed up as a squaddie and made jokes about abusing prisoners or bigging up the NF or BNP they would end up with their website being closed down… actually why doesn’t anyone makejokes like this? perhaps because the British authorities have more money to deal with stuff like this.

He is not just picking on Kazakhstan and appears to be mocking regressive social attitudes in Central Asia as a whole; but can Mr Cohen himself claim to be particularly right-on?

there’s still the unanswered questions of why he got Sara Cox in a load of trouble by swearing on her show in peak time, something I believe he has never apologised for either. She may be loudmouthed but has AFAIK never been involved in human rights abuses!

If he is professional enough to remain in character throughout his work (a very difficult thing to do) he should be professional enough to comply with accepted broadcasting standards when he is a guest on someone elses show!

If he wanted to push the envelope on his own work (as he clearly does) fair enough, but what gives him the right to endanger someone elses career? I wonder if Cohen actually has a problem with women with decent careers…

sometimes comedians use their work as a form of therapy and to get away with expressing their own negative personality aspects, claiming “its all a joke” ….