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  • Elect The Dead wrote:
    Now days i mostly just FPS on my pc.

    I have played counter strike on/offline for a good few years now ever since the beta verison 1.6. Now there is counter strike:source I play online whenever i get the time.

    Loved counter strike, recently i got playing something called paintball. Based on the Quake II engine i think but it was a free download… I will find it actually

    Its this

    Might be a newer version (its not bad for a free online game and there is always people playing it)

    starlaugh wrote:
    Would not surprise me, In all FPS games i use the name Cockroach :laugh_at:

    I like it dude! My user name used to be Undead Marine, Don’t know why think i was going thru a army phase at the time!:wink:






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Viewing 2 replies - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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