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Hey I thought since you have 27 years of experience you could help me. I use cocaine once in a while. I recently took about 1.5g of fairly pure cocaine I know this seems like a lot but I grew up partying around crazy people and build a tolerance I guess. (I buy bolk and tested it using the cocaine purity test kits and its always shown up as very hight cocaine content very dark color) over a fairly long period 20 hours maybe. I got some weird feeling later on in my night around 16 hours. I felt a bit like dizzy but not as if i you were to spin around but light headed perhaps. I did not eat during that time and I took 1 paracetamol. Could the effect be because of the mixture of these things? Or did I use to much cocaine. I consumed this much cocaine before same purity but in a short period never over such a long periode. Could that be the reason for these effects or did I use to much and actually come close to overdosing I thought by taking smaller lines over longer periods it would be better of for me. I ended up fine the dizziness went away I took lines after the dizness and was fine however I did start taking bassicly little key bumps.