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cops have my DNA anyway, every time you get arrested in Britain they take it. incidentally it only gives a trace to your family group rather than an individual and it is is a complex and expensive process to check for DNA samples that can provide evidence for use in Court.

Too many people get the wrong idea from movies and TV that cops can track individuals down instantly from DNA.

The powers of the cops as they stand are sufficient and do not need any further enhancement.

I’m more worried that the govt will fuck up the NHS database project (which isn’t that bad an idea TBH) by trying to add DNA data to it (a lot of data which will make the technical side of the project a nightmare if you add this on at a late stage).

If we all want state-provided “free” healthcare we have to accept a certain amount of state monitoring – yes there should be privacy safeguards but at the same time medical professionals need to know a patients medical history; if someone is not prepared to give an honest account of their medical history on there then perhaps they not be given NHS treatment!

How would you stop them or their relatives trying to sue if their lack of info had led to a severe drug interaction and made their condition worse?

Also it is true that NHS patients are used as guinea-pigs and data sources to track trends in diseases and treatment (although data is usually anonymised for statistical purposes)

But this is a known and accepted part of healthcare worldwide – every country has teaching hospitals for this purpose… There are countries where people have to pay the full private rate for healthcare and still have no choice over who their data is shared with…

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