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She certainly does have guts for a woman to voice opinions like that about Islam… I lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years and have experienced living in a very strick muslim country..

The problem is that the Koran has been mis-interpreted by so many people like the woman in that interview said.
Saudi Arabia is the birth place of the prophet Mohammad so it is one of the strictist muslim countries due to their pride in the fact that Mohammad was born there. Riyadh where i lived was the capital and moving there at aged 8 was a big culture shock.

Whilst at school there we had to learn arabic and arabic culture and learn about Islam, most Muslims are peaceful people and Islam is a peaceful religion however there are those who have mis-interpreted the words of Allah and the Koran that believe all those who do not worship Allah are infidels, even though Allah and the christian God are one and the same.. No where in the Koran does it say that they cannot eat Pork or pork based products the main reason for them not eating it and for them having Halal meat is that pork goes off very quickly in intense heat and the method used for producing Halal meat prevents the meat from going off so fast.

In some muslim countries you can drink alcohol, in some like saudi you can’t and you cannot buy any pork products either, in some women can drive and wear western clothes in some like saudi they cannot even we had to wear the abaya (black cloak type thing) and cover our heads when we left the compound. It depends on the interpretation of it all.

When we moved out to Saudi we were not allowed to take a Bible with us it would be confiscated by customs.. they would not allow any other religion to be practised in their country, yet here and in many other countries we freely let all worship who they believe in.

I’m gonna show this video to my parents as i know it will be of interest to them. Cheers Biotech.