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Re: Do they play DnB at squat parties?

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yep, they do play D&B at many squat parties and free parties and IMO there should be more of it.. (at the moot there were 5 hardstyle rigs at one point and only one played D&B/breaks)

but it has got a reputation in some areas for attracting a “rude boy” crowd who “cause trouble”

I personally think this reputation is underserved – its more because its one of the most popular genres of urban music and the problems with violent youth is a separate issue of modern society; there have been problems with this since raves started and sadly it has got worse but only because wider society has got worse and young lads especially are still seeing violence as acceptable.

any large gathering of people, particularly in a big city, has the potential for trouble irrrespective of whether music is played there or not….

Oh, and its my favourite type of music :biggreen:

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