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Re: (Ft Laud FL) FRI 10/29 – 3 Live PAs + 6 DJs = a 9 hour COSTUME PARTY/CYBERCAFE+RAVE!

Forums Rave Parties (Ft Laud FL) FRI 10/29 – 3 Live PAs + 6 DJs = a 9 hour COSTUME PARTY/CYBERCAFE+RAVE! Re: (Ft Laud FL) FRI 10/29 – 3 Live PAs + 6 DJs = a 9 hour COSTUME PARTY/CYBERCAFE+RAVE!

This is going to be ONE HELL of a party, ladies and gentlemen!

We’re expecting a fantastic crowd out this Friday, with tons of people in costume, and an amazing lineup of 3 live performers, 6 DJs, one VJ and a singing partridge in a pear tree. In addition to the live visuals being broadcast by the VJ, we’ve also got a guy bringing in his green argon laser system, and we’ll have two fog systems setup inside. We’ll have our funky colored oil projector throwing visuals out in the back courtyard, and three professional party lights inside. We’re also bringing in two separate b-boy crews to give you a fantastic show of breakdancing skills, and there’ll be the usual bunch of poi dancers, ravers, and glowstringers to add to the interesting flavor of the night.

Our sound system for the night is going to be absolutely top notch for the venue size, with dual ported 12″ monitors powered by a 700 watt amp for the DJ booth, dual 15″ cabs powered by an 800 watt amp for the dance floor, and a Gallien/Krueger 1×15″ ported subwoofer powered by a 400 watt amp to give the place extra bass response. We also won’t be lacking in equipment; with dual Numark TTX-1 turntables (these are THE BOMB), Numark CDN-90 dual cd loader, and a Pioneer DJM-3000 mixer. There’ll also be a Phonic MM-1002a mixer/effects processor added to allow the DJs to further tweak their mixes. All in all, we’re going to be bringing you some absolutely top notch performances, with some truly stellar sound quality – tight, controlled, crystal-clear and beautifully resonant – all the features that make an evening’s show truly enjoyable.

This is also going to be an extra long party, so prepare to buy plenty of energy drinks to keep yourself awake, and make sure you strap on your dancing shoes for an extended dancing session, because this one is going from 10pm straight on until 7am on Saturday morning. That’ll give you PLENTY of time to go home, catch up on your sleep, then go out on Saturday night to hit up one of the many kickass Halloween Eve parties going down.

So c’mon out this Friday night to BEYOND THE STARS: one more kickass oldschool concept rave from the Euphoria Project. Bringing it with passion, dedication, and integrity, as you know we always do. 🙂