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Originally posted by Andy
from vrt news site

For the Dutch impaired [and in short]: The belgian authorities warn against a new XTC-pill with a question mark as logo. They are said to contain a very high dose of MDMA.

Did a search on pillreports and some results came out, but not really in Europe. However, as traffic is fast, it may well be that these have indeed surfaced and if so, it might be a good idea to read what others have to say about the effects. Note that not all reports are of the same quality, but it gives you an idea of what MIGHT be in a pill, and also forewarn you for really bunk pills.

Keep it safe,

hmm – I used 2 configure equipment for BRTN/VRT….

Is there a link in French at all? I can understand French better than Dutch…

It is true the level of MDMA in pills varies greatly. I remember in the UK we would pay £15-£20 (€21-€28) per pill back in 1990/91 but they usually had high levels of MDMA; but today a pill costs as little as £3-£5 (€5-€7) but may have less MDMA in it – or may have loads if whoever is making them is “generous”.

I think our friends in the NL (breakline crew) had the best idea -“break your e”. That is excellent advice which works across all national borders… Me and my friends in Britain would always do this with new ones – take half first and check the effect. That way u could have a pleasant fun time socialising rather than being totally fucked and unable to talk to anyone or dance etc…

And you could always share the other half with your friends or keep it for later on in the night…