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Re: Legal High: Salvia Divinorum

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Aye man, salvia’s one of my favourite drugs. Did you feel a sort of itchyness creeping over you and a need to fall over in a particular direction before you started tripping? That’s usually the first sign I get. You need to take a healthy hit of the bong though, and they say you should keep it held in for about 20seconds (difficult I know cause it tastes and smells rancid) for it to properly enter your bloodstream.

I agree with you about it being the most intense trip, you can’t really compare it to anything else and I have difficulty describing it to people who havn’t tried it before. I’m fairly sure this is the drug the Mazatec Indians use to communicate with nature – i can see wherer they’re coming from!

Last time we did it my mate, after rolling about then demanding that all the lights must be turned out, passed me over the bong for another hit but due to us already tripping pretty hard he passed me it horizontally, thus pouring stinky, horrible salviabong water all down my front. This would usually result in mass panic but in our state we just stood and stared as the water dribbled down my front, not managing to make the connection between bong water pouring down my front and it being a bad bad thing. Comedy 🙂