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fbar wrote:
here is a list of some synthesis from chemistry journals:
Hofmann A. & Stoll A. Helvetica Chemica Acta 26,922-964(1943)German
Chemical Abstracts 38,1499-1502(1944)
Great Britian patent no. 463,936
Swiss ” ” 188,619
Great Britian ” ” 480,822
U.S. ” ” 2,265,217
Great Britian ” ” 579,484
Hofmann & Stoll Helvetica Chimica Acta 38,421-433(1955)Greman
Semonsky M. et. al., Coll. Czech. Chem. Commun. 21,1632-36(1957)German
Zikan V. & Semonsky M. ” ” ” ” 24,1922-28(1959)German
Cerny A. & Semonsky M. ” ” ” ” 26,1585-92(1961)German
Garbrecht W.L. Journal of Organic Chemisrty 24,368-72(1959)
French patent no. 1,338,023 French
Johnson F.N., J.Medicinal Chemistry 16(5),532-7(1973)
Hofmann A. Svensk Farmacetisk Tideschrift 75,933-40(1971)German
Zhang C., Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae 6(1)70-5(1984) Chinese
Urakubo Goro, Eisei Shikenjo Haokoku 88,72-4(1970) Japanese
These are but a few accurate synthic routes to LSD. Do not trust the internets examples.

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