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i went to that GL.
only live down the road so was a breath of fresh air to find it was local for a change.

to be fair the cops were more blown away by it as they see few raves of that scale up here.
in general the OB have always been layed back at parties in our area n seem to take the view that if everything is in order n no noise complaints r had then theyll quite happily leave u alone with a smile.

in respect of the mansfield site(locally known as the desert)it has been left and used by offroaders for many years with i assume no bother from the OB as its old mining land left in the middle of sherwood forest, also its a fairly rough area of notts too so some attitude was expected off the bikers. in all i think the bikers wernt pissed off but just not lettin the rave spoil there fun which is fair enuff. u could goto the desert any day of the week and theyll be burnin rubber day and night up there.

the crash from what i gathewr was 2 guys, 1 didnt have a helmet apparently and hit another biker head on!!! he was on the floor and not moving his body so possible back/neck injuries.

makes ya think tho that 1000 or so ppl can have it large on wotever they can handle n the only casulty that i heard of was a biker!!!