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The BBC have defended worse addicts before (Magenta De Vine – our license money paid for her rehab) , given employment to violent criminals (Leslie Grantham, who served a 10-stretch for manslaughter) and have a flagship programme which shows wholly negative stereotypes of working class people in London as violent people and sexual predators (which domestic violence charities say has actually been responsible for young teenage lads seeing violence in the home as normal).

They also make shows which encourage bad driving and have led to serious injury of one of their presenters – so they definitely should be sticking up for Graham Norton – he’s hardly a threat to society and at least someone in aunties management has got some backbone!

Fair play to him for pointing out the only real problem with celeb drug use is being busted by the media rather than the approved law enforcement authorities…

I doubt if your average teenager is going to take pills merely because some camp middle aged bloke said to a chavettes magazine it was OK…

And why is the “drug prevention” spokesman too fucking spineless to give their own name out to the media?

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