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I think you are on the ball GL there is also an army of club owners and big event organisers small events for that matter that are there and could be sparked into complaining that their license costs are high and they have to pay so why shouldnt we and now that the law has been amended the councils may be forced into action and so will the police.. We have been able to get away with it up until now but things have changed and we need to change.

If we dont we can expect a lot of summonses and that will herald a sharp decline in parties and it wont be hard to pick off those dertermined to carry on even if they are careful. maybe they wont use this law much but if we wait untill its clear which way it goes it might be too late. if we take some measures, it wont hurt if we go a bit more underground, take a little more care and a bit of natual downsizing may follow but that wont be a bad thing, if they cant control us to some extent or be seen too, they will stop us of that I am in no doubt. I think if we dont go back a bit and step sideways we are likely to be pushed a long way back.