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Re: police shoot innocent man dead.

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i only saw this after I was away from a net connection – and wanted to check all the sources I could find before saying anything….

its the one of the worst consequences that could have happened in the UK as a follow-up to 7/7, although I’d class it more as a mixture of ignorance, incompetence (on the part of authorities) and blind panic…

A Brazillian chap leaves a rough slum area in Brazil (where corrupt cops regularly execute people on the street, There are also vigilanté execution squads, and people get jacked all the time (not too different from some parts of London today…..)

he does not know much English, and moves to an area where locals are also fairly suspicious of the Police – and of each other, and there is racial tension. he had also overstayed his visa – and thus was made even more paranoid of the authorities…..

The armed cop who fired the shots would possibly only have known of person as “Target A” – not much else apart from roughly what he looked like, and where he would be when the operation happened,

Even if he had been told more he’d just take is senior officers or intelligence sources word for it that the target was a suicide bomber suspect and had to be dealt with. He would have had to do the same had he been told the target was white (if only for the cops own potential self-preservation).

TBH Had I had been put in the same situation as the cop, with a gun in my hand and the target in front of me and thought he did have the potential to detonate a bomb, I would have done exactly the same and pulled the trigger, and fired multiple head shots. One or two bullets may not always kill quickly enough to stop someone setting a detonator off..

( i have in fact looked at some of the pyschometric tests used to select armed cops and my own personality would be too volatile to do such a job, I would start shooting far too early in those sorts of situations!)

the real failings are at the senior officers and intelligence services levels…

other reports mentioned the guy was under surveillance.

One good question is why if cops were following him, and had enough evidence to suspect he had a device, did they let him get as far as the tube station with a potenial IED on him? Why increase the risk to bystanders…

even worse, if he had any connection with bombers whatsoever (even if he just lived in the same house or area which is what is being alleged), the cops have just killed a vital source of intelligence, and probably frightened the shit out of anyone else in that area who might have considered coming forward with info..

and whilst all this shit is going on, real bombers have got away, they may have more bombs…..

not sure though if there’s any easy solution.

there is an increasing threat from suicide bombers, who are not just “foreign terrorists”. In the last two years there have been white Europeans in EU countries who have carried out suicide bombings in their own cities, just out of hate and anger…

this could have happened anywhere in the current world climate, and is probably so commonplace it wouldn’t even have made front page news in other countries of the world where cops routinely carry guns and shoot to kill….

but for Britain this is the worst-case scenario… but perhaps its the reality of war – innocents on all sides keep on getting killed, and now the war is coming home..

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