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Originally posted by 1984
I was at the first Social Forum in Paris last year. On the last day
there was a fat demo ending up in a large square with a load of rigs
on trucks and genereally looking like it was gonna kick off but it
stopped at about 11pm. there was a farely lame punk do at a squat on
the ouitskirts but basically fuckall to do as that too ended early. a
proper party was well needed what with 1000s of activists from all
over europe in one place and well up for it.

what do you rekon?

well I guess that the demo ended at 23:00 because the Frenchies send in the CRS (french TSG/riot squad who are a lot more brutal than UK cops!) if you don’t shut down at the appointed time…

but I laugh at the “punks” for ending their squat party so early! Punks not dead, but it needs its beauty sleep?! 😀

TBH I am surprised; I read many French websites on squatting and they put on all these articles about solidarité and how they make loads of positive use of a large building, surely there is room for a party or two here?

I understand what you say about us being seen as mere hedonists rather than genuinely interested in social change, and I’ve sometimes felt some “activist” types do not think ravers are “dedicated” enough (isn’t that as bad as the prejudice from corporate employers?) but parties are an excellent way of spreading the word..

I think a few people from crews need to discreetly find a squat and arrange the party. Don’t make it a big thing that it is linked to the social forum as some of those armchair hippies will freak out at the thought of negative publicity; but quietly lead the party peopel there.

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