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I dunno, man, considering the ticket Blair is riding into a third term with (namely rascist propeganda, destrution of civil liberty and increased intolerance of everything ever), if he gets voted in we will be as rubbish as thay are. which, lets face it we are. the days where we could realisically claim to have a different or better way of life here are gone.

Probably not in Devon (thank buddha), as the west country is one of the last places in britain to be homogenised and riddled with crime, so count your self lucky. but liverpool or bristol or london areas are now as bad as american ghettoes like south-central LA, and actually as they have been tacking gun crime for longer, we actually have worse crime rates than the yanks in some places too.

It used to be a novelty when bits of the yanks dominant culture came over here (fast food, trainers etc) but now the gag is well and truly on us.