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Re: They must have known what they were doing

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Yep. Probably didn’t want the UN to see something…

20 tries to get it right though…:laugh_at::laugh_at::laugh_at:

Israel is a really good argument for the idea that the true evil that is done by people commiting atrocities is not the atrocities themselves, but that the evildoers make their victims just a little bit more like them every time they commit an evil act.:hopeless::hopeless::hopeless:

Really failing to see any difference between what Israel is doing in Palestine and Lebanon, and what the Isreali’s parents suffered at the hand of the third Reich.

I know they justify it as “protecting our borders”, or “combatting international terrorism”, but the Nazi’s had lots of reasons for what they did too. Doesn’t make the crimes any less evil. Just makes the criminal able to live with themselves (after all, very few people think of themselves as “evil”. Being able to lie to yourself is essential unless you really are a b*st*rd)

Ethnic cleansing is Ethnic cleansing, no matter how you dress it up. Maybe that was what they didn’t want UN observers seeing…:good_evil:good_evil:good_evil…:evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:

Definetly planned attack though. Can’t see how it could be otherwise – Israeli military hardware is as good as that from the USA, cos that’s where it all comes from. Planes in the US these days have extremly sophisticated “Friend or foe” electronics that are pretty much automatic. If they spot something that is on the foe list, the ordnance can be away before the pilot even registers there is something there – and that is in the case of unprogrammed encounters.

Bombing is a programmed encounter (after all, you remember the whole “put a bomb down Saddam’s chimney” stuff before the Iraq invasion). The pilot can’t drop the bombs unless they are at a designated target point (at least not without overriding lots of safeguards, and permissions)