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Well if a dose of a drug contains what it should do (for instance if the white powder is amphet or ket rather than glucose) there will be a definite physical and mental effect – the drugs do work but are affected by their “set and setting”.

The better this is, the better time you will have. Whenever you take drugs you should try to be as calm as possible and remove all sources of paranoia and bad feelings – for instance move away from where you may encounter cops, bouncers or other authorities, or groups/individuals who may make you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Sometimes, if any of these things are making you paranoid your internal “self preservation” mechanism can even make you fight some of the otherwise pleasureable effects of the drug, making you think “its not working”.

I don’t normally think everything I see is a dream – to me it is very much reality (unless I am completely mashed of course)! but that mayjust be me being a bit older (in my thirties) so I’ve experienced a lot of real (and more surreal) events 🙂

Incidentally EL may I suggest taking off your caps lock when typing messages. ALL CAPS IS maybe OK when you are sending a 160-character text on your mobile phone; but on a computer its a bit like shouting all the time in a conversation, as it can be harder to read a long message typed in such a fashion!