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19/03/10 illumiNaughty Dance or Die with Planet Zogg : 3 Rooms of mayhem : LEEDS

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  • For all you Northern monkey Goblins who fancy making the trip over to Leeds for our first foreign lands extravaganza here’s some handy train times to help you plan your journey.


    Train: Direct trains every 20 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly/Manchester Oxford Road. Last train leaves at 00:53 and run all night back from Leeds to Manchester!

    Coach:Last coach leaves Manchester Chorlton St at 19:30 and the first coach returning in the morning is at 07:25.


    Train: Direct trains every 10-15 minutes from Sheffield. Last train leaves at 22:30 and the first train back to Sheffield leaves Leeds at 06:38.

    Coach:Regular coaches leaving Sheffield! Last coach leaves at 23:50 and the first coaches leave regularly from 07:00.


    Train: Trains every hour from Liverpool Lime Street (some are direct, or you may have to change once). Last train leaves at 23.38 and the first train back to leaves Leeds at 05.32.

    If there’s one thing illumiNaughty thrives on it’s a challenge and Stinky’s Peephouse, a somewhat unusual space for performance, will test our ingenuity to the limit! Spread over three rooms this space demands a more inventive dramatic technique and we need walk-about characters, living statues and carnival tricksters with the ability to mingle and mystify at close range! Any Leeds based or local performers wanting to join the ruckus should drop us a line as we spread our roots further across the Pennines on the 19th March. Costumed creatures, nimble fingered circus folks, fire tamers, illusionists, fruity loops and merry makers should contact with a rough outline of their skills/ideas/random imaginings/insane psychobabble!! Hop onboard for what’s shaping up to be our best year yet and lets all set sail into silliness!

    For a chance to WIN a bundle of illumiNaughty treasure including TICKETS FOR DANCE OR DIE, check out Index of / REGISTER and enter the COMPETITION! Just answer a couple of questions and you could not only be the winner of tickets for you and a mate to join us for this night of dance, debauchery and delight, but also be the proud owner of our new design T-SHIRT and bundle of CD’s!! AMAZING!

    Love n Chaos,

    illumiNaughty xx

    And where exactly can we get tickets in leeds??

    This Friday, illumiNaughty and Planet Zogg will be create an epic genre-splicing expedition into audio tomfoolery with a diverse line up set to stun with oodles of Full-On Psytrance, Breakbeat, Twisted Glitch and Psy-Breaks, chill and everything in between! Prepare for the fattest noise around!! Dance Or Die marks the dawning of a new era as a Digital Theatre and Cirque Du Zogg mingle and mutate, berthing a brilliantly bizarre playground for all creatures of the night and sonic addicts to behold!

    illumiNaughty presents
    ~ Full-on Psytrance ~

    22:00-23.00 Psybase (Psybase, UK)
    23:00-00:00 Ee’sh (illumiNaughty, UK)
    00:00-01:00 Psychi (Jedi, UK)
    01:00-02:00 Mesmerizer (Mind Control Records, France)
    02:00-03:00 Andi Leppard (Antiworld, UK)
    03:00-04:00 Ephedrix (Dacru Records, Belgium)
    04:00-05:00 Psychodrome (illumiNaughty, Greece)
    05:00-06:00 Dejavoo (Transient Records, Italy)
    06:00-07:00 Defect (Shoot Thru, UK)

    Planet Zogg & Broken Robot Records Presents
    ~ Breaks, Electro, Techno ~

    22:00-00:00 Orange Source (Planet Zogg, UK)
    00:00-01:30 Greg Zogg (Planet Zogg, UK)
    01:30-03:00 Neurodriver (Broken Robot Records, UK)
    03:00-04:30 RMS & Peak (Broken Robot Records, UK)
    04:30-06:00 Dill Zogg (Planet Zogg, UK)

    ‘Naughty Planet Presents
    ~ Blissed Out Beats ~

    00:00-01:30 Gerry Aum (Sunrise, UK)
    01:30-03:00 JohnnyM (Planet Zogg, UK)
    03:00-04:30 Si Splatt (Cabbage, UK)
    04:30-06:00 Draven (illumiNaughty, UK)

    Performance: Ultra Violet Violence
    Decor: illumiNaughty

    If you’ve not got yourselves tickets then there’s still a few up for grabs available on the website! AND….there’s still a chance to WIN tickets and a big bunch of other goodies …just click Index of /

    Keep yer eyes peeled for an EXCLUSIVE EPHEDRIX INTERVIEW online in the next day or so!!

    Love n Chaos

    illumiNaughty xx

    Becci – Leeds tickets can be bought at Crash Records / Jumbo Records / Tribe Records

    @Becci 375985 wrote:

    And where exactly can we get tickets in leeds??

    jumbo and crash records!:wink:

    Check out our exclusive interview with Ephedrix himself!!

    The goblins catch up with EPHEDRIX!






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