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2017-12-31 – something to think about

Forums The Vibe Life & Soul 2017-12-31 – something to think about

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  • No It won’t, are you growing more senile by the minute?Anyone that was born in their late teens will have been born after 2000. What if someone was 120 years old? Not sure anyone is but if they were your posts would make you look like a bloody fool………

    Or does the UN definition mean something else and I am the fool?

    The UN defines a child as <18 and adult as >18.

    On 2017-12-31 everyone born after 2000 would be <18 years old, but only for that day as anyone born on 2000-01-01 would be exactly 18 years old on 2018-01-01.

    This does only go by the UN definition and not local countries domestic definitions of majority which can be anything from age 15 to 21 (and subject to change over the years)

    According to available records since 2017-09-17 the oldest person alive globally is a Japanese woman born in 1900, so since then no one is left alive born previous to then.

    It is true the statement above was only valid for a very short window of time in 2017 and there are also different views on exactly when a century starts (which have maybe mangled by everyone in most countries celebrating the new millenium on 2000-01-01)

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    if you accept the UN definitions of an adult as >18 years of age, this means that on NYE; every adult alive will have been born in the 20th century; and every child in the 21st (but it will only be true for this day alone..)

    Interesting thought. Puts things in perspective somewhat.

    Forgive my totally fuckwitted response, god knows what I must have been on when I wrote it.

    Similar vein but everyone born around 1989 & 1990 is entering their thirties and leaving the 2010’s at the same time.






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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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