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14.10.2017: Kaometry 10 Years @ Urban Spree / Berlin

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    Kaometry 10 Years

    Saturday 14th Octobre 2017 @ Urban Spree / Berlin
    from 11pm until late, damage 7 euro
    gfx by DAT



    Kaometry is having 10 years this year, so it was time to come back to Berlin for a boogie night. For this event, we will be hosting Abstrakt Reflections, label from Argentina.

    ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Line up ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

    ►Ruby My Dear // Junglecore // PRSPCT- Kaometry [FR]
    ►Ely Muff // Mashed-up Hardcore // Headfuk – Deathchant [UK]
    ►Ghost // Zencore // Mozyk – Life4Land – Jungle Syndicate[UK]
    ►F000L // Idm Breakcore // Hormonal VibrationZ [DE]
    ►Substance B // Unformatted Breaks // Pokora – Kaometry [FR]
    ►Doomham // Dark’n Bass // Jungle Syndicate [UK]
    ►Pakun Jaran // Freaky Idm // Kaometry – We Are Vicious [FR]

    ►Flint Kids // Techno Tapas // Abstrakt Reflections – Kaometry [UK]
    ►c0ma // IDM Experimental // Abstrakt Reflections [ARG]
    ►Monster X // Elektro Butcher // Abstrakt Reflections – Peaceoff – Bedroom Research [FR]
    ►Lokom // Drum’n Wave // Abstrakt Reflections – Kaometry [FR]

    ►Visual by Sansculotte
    ►Glitched / audio reacting Video Installation. Circuit bent by Ashii Macro

    ����������� Details �����������

    // Ruby My Dear //
    Junglecore // Breakcore // Idm

    Ruby My Dear, aka Julien Chastagnol, is a producer, songwriter and live performer who fuses melodic
    electronica, IDM and jungle to create a highly inventive and musical brand of breakcore. His tracks mix
    dream­like atmospheres and haunting melodies with sharp, complex rhythms, to take the listener on a
    constantly evolving journey through his unique sonic universe.
    Julien started his Ruby My Dear project back in 2010 with the release of his DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam
    with a Grain of Salt” remix, out on his own label, Reconstruction Productions. Now, four years later, he has
    produced 8 EPs on both Peace Off and Acroplane and 2 full length albums on Ad Noiseam.
    Performing live is also a large part of Juliens arsenal. He brings his intricate production to the stage to
    rework his studio pieces so naturally that it seems effortless. He is captivating and engaging to watch on
    stage as he blends sonic beauty with live energy.
    Notable appearances have been at the Berghain, Glastonbury, Bang Face, Maschinenfest, Fusion Festival
    and club events in every major city throughout Europe.
    In 2014 Julien joined forces with a Toulouse artist, Lisa Chabbert, to shoot a movie “Jitter Room” and has
    completed a new collaborative EP with Igorrr.
    In December 2015 comes a new Ep, Balloon, on Kaometry records.

    // Ely Muff //
    Mashed-up Hardcore

    // Ghost //
    Zencore // Idm / Jungle / Breakcore

    Ghost is a musician/producer based in Cambridge, England who has spent most of his life writing music. Ghost’s organic beats are truly one of kind. As a crucial member of the LIFE4LAND collective and the local rave scene, he remains a highly respected producer by his peers who have come to recognize him as one of the leading forces of LIFE4LAND.

    // F000L //
    Idm / Jungle / Breakcore

    // Substance B //
    unformatted Breaks

    // Doomham //
    Dark’n Bass

    Bristol DJ / Producer / Promoter / Label Manager
    Doomham has always lurked in the depths of the Jungle Syndicate. Doomham tears out ridiculous Ableton live sets mixing around 20 billion tracks all at once combining heavy amens, fat disgusting reece with beautiful melodic passages in a heavily mashed up style.

    // Pakun Jaran //
    Freak Idm Trap Glitch

    // Flint Kids //
    Techno Tapas // Idm // Sound Design

    Flint Kids hail from south London. Sound is his weapon of choice. Get caught in the crossfire.

    // c0ma //
    IDM Experimental

    c0ma is the personal project of Pablo Benjamin from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s also the label owner of Abstrakt Reflections.

    // Monster X //
    Elektro Butcher

    There are few artists that live up to their name. Julien Caraz aka Monster X is one of those special few. For when he takes to the stage, a monster is truly unleashed, leaving a trail of destruction as witnessed at various raves and festivals all over Europe. The French born sonic hooligan moved to London 10 years ago, after a performance in France caused a small riot among old punks fighting in a record shop, resulting in smashed windows and other damage.

    Since then he’s evolved his production and performance abilities, head-banging his way through a myriad of midi controllers, hardware boxes and self-built Reaktor modules that have won him listeners and fans of extreme and abrasive music from Europe to US and Japan. Although a professional radio/TV sound designer by day, it’s his night time persona as Monster X that has gained him notoriety worldwide, both as a live performer and recorded artist.

    One of the few whose work manages to balance great precision with great fury, his tracks have seen support from discerning labels such as Ad Noiseam, Peace Off, Tigerbeat6, Combat Recordings, Murder Channel, Fyerhammer, Bedroom Research and Mutant Sniper, to name but a few. This latest work on Abstrakt Reflections shows a deeper, colder ferocity and more mature side to his production. As ever the music remains dystopian and futuristic, yet the not-too-subtle track titles suggest inspiration and anger drawn from current world events.

    // Lokom //
    Drum’n Wave

    Lokom cut his teeth in Grenoble where he discovered the electronic underground scene in the 2000s.

    He quickly developed a passion for live and especially FM synthesis. An avid bass music with tangy trend lokom now work under the banner of experimentation analog-psyche-conductive.

    // Sansculotte //

    // Ashii Macro //

    ����������� More infos! �����������

    damage 8 euro
    from 11pm until late

    graphix by DAT. Illustration by Regina.

    Kaometry records

    Abstrakt reflections







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